Rocky Road …

… Or as we call it ‘Chocolate Fridge Cake’



What you need

250g Chocolate (I used dark but you can use any)

50g Butter

50g Golden Syrup

1tsp Vanilla

150g Digestive biscuits

75g Mini Marshmallows

100g Glace Cherries

A small loaf tin lined with clingfilm, let the clingfilm drape over the sides because you’ll use the excess to wrap the cake before putting it in the fridge to set.

What you do

Melt the chocolate, butter, syrup and vanilla together in the microwave.  I have it on full and melt in 30 second bursts.

While the chocolate is melting, you can bash up your biscuits. I use a large mixing bowl and the end of a rolling pin.  How fine or chunky you have them is up to you … I find I end up with finer biscuits pieces if I’ve got some aggression to release!

Once the chocolate and bits have melted together pour them over your smashed biscuit nuggets, add the marshmallows and cherries and mix well.

Pour into the prepared loaf tin, pushing the mixture down firmly.  Fold over the excess cling film to cover the mix.  Put in the fridge for at least 3 hours until set … enjoy with a coffee when all the children are at school 😉

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